Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.. Ladies and gentle men the truth is that hydrating has huge effects on the outcome and the health of your skin as well as body. It is always important to consume water on a regular basis even if it is not 8 glasses like some reports show. I always, with out a doubt keep a bottle of water with me through out the day; in order to keep myself hydrated. Water takes up 60% of your body which means it is used a lot through out the day and in order to maintain a nice balance without dehydrating is to KEEP CONSUMING. Now its not going to make your skin picture perfect and ultra clear but it will surly get the job done.

Listed below are 3 benefits of hydrating on a daily basis.

1. Calorie Control/ weight loss : studies show that by trading higher calories drinks and foods with foods and drinks of a higher water basis will help in the weight loss process.

2. Helps rejuvenate and energize muscles : with out the right amount of fluids in ones body while exerting they may not get the best results from their workout. at least 2 hours before you workout it many be beneficial to consume around 17 0z of water. I personally believe that the amount of fluid you consume depends on your size and age because the amount of work one will put into affect differs.

3. Kidney Cleanse : With the use of water in your everyday  diet it helps in cleansing your kidney’s which in end keep your system clean.


With just these 3 simple tip’s and tricks would be enough for me to get on the ban wagon.. Remember people Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate


What goes up must come down.. What goes in must come out.


The statement is definitely true ” what goes in must come out ”

The first and one of the most important steps into taking care of your skin, and body is maintaining healthy eating habits. Im not saying you have to be on a rigid diet and cut off all foods that you find tasty but keeping the essentials( fruits, vegetables)  in your diet will have a huge impact on your appearance. Staying away from a lot of fried foods that contain a lot of grease will make a huge difference. One thing that I have always done in my nightly routine is drink a 6-8 oz. glass of water before heading to bed. Studies show that when you drink water before bed you help in clearing your digestive system and it helps in hydrating and replenishing your skin. I have noticed after a few weeks the blemishes on my face started to disappear and my skin as well as my body felt a whole lot better. I have always heard greener is greater and the truth is green fruits and veggies all contribute to bone strength as well as cleansing the body out and washing out those impurities. Think about when you eat foods filled with a lot of grease you pores are going to be filled with that and in- turn creates pimples which in essence is oil trapped in your skin ; Always remember to keep green and eat clean.



– Sierra.

So it Begins.

Welcome to Skins.

This blog will take you on a trip handing you tips & tricks to maintaing great skin. At the same time show you various ways to create products as well. Truth is we all take advantage of our skin sometimes, we often left what we eat and take into our bodies be the out come of our appearance. There are so many parts to skin care that many times we over look, like nutrition, and the fact that everyone does not posses the same skin type, even various cultures suffer from different skin conditions. So my job is to let you know whats best and it’s up to you to put it to the test.


– Sierra.